As I walked outside with Poppy, Truffles, and Doris (my four-legged loves) this morning, I couldn’t help but feel the pull of autumn in the air. The grass was wet, a slight breeze blew through the towering Magnolia, and I could hear the rustle of limbs from the tree line in the distance. The chickens were wide awake and Big Boy (the name I lovingly gave my largest Light Sussex rooster) was expressing his great pride in welcoming the morning.

I felt completely at peace and, if but for a moment, unaware of the many things that I normally feel resting upon my shoulders. What a blessed life I live. What a happy place in which I find myself. As I begin this endeavor of writing some about my comings and goings and little things that bring me joy, I pray that we all will have a moment, here and there, to feel weightless – as if you are suspended in mid-air, buoyed up by the many blessings in your life.

As you come to know me better, you might hear me say (a tad often, I admit), that happiness is a choice. I do whole-heartedly believe that. However, I do think that we should correct in our lives that things that we have the power to correct in order to remove obstacles in our paths. And, then, when we have done all that we can do, we make the choice to be happy – come what may. Start today, with me, and choose to be happy. Be happy with the knowledge that you have a great many things to do each day and YOU get to decide the attitude with which you will approach them. Find joy – even in the mundane.




Pictured: Big Boy – Light Sussex